Keith Venn - Keyboard and Vocals

Keyboard Vocalist
Keith Venn
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Keyboard player / vocalist playing a wide range of music to suit most tastes.
Based in Fareham, Hampshire. A cheaper alternative to three or four piece bands. Not a replacement of your existing acts, but an occcasional change to help reduce costs.

This alternative sounds like the real thing, without sounding "electronic".  A wide range of tastes and styles can be catered for, primarily for a mature audience. There is no set play list as the music is selected based on audience reaction. Core music includes 40's - 90's, country, rock, ballroom, latin, easy listening, oldies, middle of the road. PLUS, unlike singers using backing tracks, it's easy to keep things moving if people are dancing and medleys can be created on the fly.

Clubs, Pubs, Hotels, Restaurants and Private Functions
Keith Venn
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